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Arbeitssicherheit Breitenfeld Edelstahll AG Klaro und Klara

We’re no guardian angels – but definitely role models

Hi Klara and Klaro! Welcome to the Breitenfeld family. Please describe your new job real quick! Klara: There are hardly any other places in which occupational safety is more important than in the steel industry. However, in your daily work routine, you sometimes lose focus which might lead to accidents. From now on, we’re here to help all members of the Breitenfeld family get through their day safely and return home healthy. How do you plan on doing that? Klaro: From now on, you can find us everywhere – in our company magazine “Der Stahlbote”, on the intranet, our website […]

First Breitenfeld Health Day

Maintaining and promoting good health! Workplace health promotion is an essential part of the philosophy at Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG. Exercise and therapy programs are continuously offered to our employees, and we run regular workplace checks with regards to occupational safety and health protection. This year’s highlight was the first Breitenfeld Health Day on September 19. The offered services ranged from presentations and activity stations to individual consultations about prevention and health. Our partners Merkur Lifestyle GmbH, VAMED, Hot Pot, HLW Krieglach, Trauner Zelte and Elektro Graff contributed to the great success of this event. At various stations, employees had to […]

Arbeitsschutz mit Goldvisier

Occupational safety with gold-plated visors

The safety of our employees is our top priority, and therefore we are constantly working on preventing accidents in advance and on increasing occupational safety in our daily routines. In the metal-processing industry, occupational safety with coated surfaces is often used to protect employees from excessive exposure to radiant heat. Helmets with a gold visor offer protection against IR and radiant heat, that occur when working near melting furnaces and ladles. Gold-coated helmets are not only used in steel mills but also in aerospace.